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GroTech Garden Products are engineered to create simple solutions to complex gardening problems, so you can worry less and enjoy more.

Our GroBucket is designed to transform any standard bucket into a portable self-watering container garden, so you can grow any plant, anywhere, without the hassle of watering and weeding. Seriously, grow ANYthing–tomatoes,  peppers, zucchini, strawberries, blueberries, potatoes–ANYwhere! The GroBucket makes growing even in condos and apartments possible–a balcony, a patio, deck, rooftop, even a fire escape. If you have a sunny window, you can grow a GroBucket garden. Have grow lights? You can even grow in a windowless basement! Check out our FAQ page for answers to the most common questions we get.

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Self-Watering Garden Tech
Designed to Grow Beautiful Plants Anywhere.

Discover a new method of container gardening that converts a standard bucket into an incredible and economic self-watering garden system.




I love the GroBucket

“I love the GroBucket! So easy to use, so versatile… I love the fact that has great depth, that is movable, and that you can use any cheap bucket, like the ones for Chlorine tablets, I just paint them, and done… The best however is the consistency in watering… We are here in Georgia.and the heat can be so strong that if you cannot water one day for whatever reason, the tomatoes crack, or other plants suffers… Also, you can go away on vacation and I do not need to ask my neighbor to water my vegetables… You can have a garden with multiple buckets in a very small place, and they are even decorative… Thanks GroBucket! I intend to buy few more every season to enlarge my production step by step…”(ValeZimm)

As good as my regular garden

“I’ve had a 3,600 square foot garden for many years. But I’m downsizing and moving to a smaller home with not much room for a garden. So … I tried 3 of these to see if I could successfully switch to a container garden. Right now, I’m growing 3 pepper plants, a grape tomato and a “hill” of zucchini. All three are THRIVING!! HIGHLY recommended.” (MJG)

Love my new garden

“These are great. It gives me the ability for a low maintenance, fresh herb garden on my balcony.” (Oakheart)

Great Product & Great Customer Service

“The product is perfect for my tomatoes and pepper plants. Their customer service is excellent and was beyond my expectations and they are responsive to any requests for information about the product!” (Nancy J. Riggs)

Why would I want to use Ugly Buckets?

Not everyone appreciates the look of a bucket, but there is good news.  Buckets can easily be dressed up.  By simple removing the handle and spray painting them, they can fit in with the most expensive containers out there.  Some people make burlap covers, add ribbons...

Why Buckets?

The answer is that buckets are the ideal size to grow just about anything that can be grown in a traditional garden from herbs to vegetables and even small fruit trees.  They are designed specifically for the human body to pick up and move.  They are stackable,...

What is a GroBucket?

A GroBucket is a self watering plant container system made from a standard 4, 5, or 6 gallon bucket. The GroBucket insert is placed in a bucket where it creates a water reservoir in the bottom.  A 1 1/4″ PCV pipe is then fitted to the insert to create a channel for...

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