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Discover a new method of container gardening that converts a standard bucket into an incredible and economic self-watering garden system.




About GroTech Garden Products

The GroTech family of growing systems are expertly engineered to take away most common hassles of home and urban gardening.  No need for the backbreaking task of building extensive backyard and raised gardens, only to become frustrated with hauling and mixing massive amounts of soil, contending with drought or draining issues, and losing your crop to pests, weeds, or frost…and on it goes. 

Our GroTech Inventor, Brian Graffius engineered devices that take care of all of these challenges and more. Plus, all the products are sourced in the U.S. and are food-safe, made from recyclable material and may be reused season after season–Priceless.

  • The GroBucket turns any standard bucket into a portable self-watering container garden in minutes where you can grow any variety of vegetable, fruit, small tree, and decorative plant. 
  • The GroFern is basically a “hanging GroBucket” adapted for plants that love to hang out on front porches and balconies. Ferns, especially, can become quickly root-bound making it extremely difficult to water and keep moist during southern summers. The GroBucket design with the fill tube and water level indicator assist greatly in allowing ferns to wick water from the bottom water reservoir.  GroFerns eliminate the expense and waste of buying new ferns every year only to be tossed in the compost pile at the end of each season.
  • The GroBuddy makes any decorative pot into a self-watering planter perfect for inside homes and outside on front porches. Also, a lifesaver for vacation homes and for those who leave their housplants to travel.

The concept is simple yet, revolutionary. The GroBucket recycled perforated plastic insert instantly transforms ordinary buckets into portable self-watering gardens. Fitting snuggly in the bottom of an ordinary bucket to create a water reservoir allowing optimal water/air transfer for healthy roots. The GroBucket concept is the optimal solution to successful homegrown goodness and is transferred to our entire line of Grotech planters.

Be sure to check out photos in our GroTech Garden Gallery! There you’ll see our GroTech Inventor, Brian’s GroFerns! They’ve hung on his front porch during scorching Georgia summers and been brought in to over-winter in the GroTech Greenhouse and are now over three years old and simply gorgeous and gargantuan!

We want to give special acknowledgement here to our Kickstarter “GroBucket Backers.” In the beginning, in order to bring Brian’s invention to life, Brian and Kelvin launched a Kickstarter, crowd-funding campaign, that got 100% funded within the first 24 hours and propelled the invention for public availability–novice gardeners to experts, even those across the globe who will glean an improved nutritional and financial future via gardening-made-easy. To this day, our original GroBucket Backers hold a special place in our hearts for their support and belief in a promising product they’d not yet seen. Thank You!  

People Behind The Products

  Brian Graffius, Inventor

As a Mechanical Engineer frustrated by gardening methods for years, Brian Graffius knew there was a better way to sustain a home garden. Testing techniques from raised beds and square-foot gardening to aquaponics, Brian found each method possessed inherent benefits and drawbacks. When he turned to container gardens as an “easy” option, the southern heat turned an enjoyable pastime into a water-hauling drudgery and he set out to find a better way. Brian’s decades of engineering expertise led him to the GroBucket design that turns any standard bucket into a self-watering container garden. Brian didn’t stop there, soon he tailored the design to incorporate a hanging planter–the GroFern–and then, the GroBuddy was born to add to decorative pots and take away the hassle of tending houseplants.

Brian’s gardening knowledge keeps the rest of the Team in awe. He’s our go-to for soil and technique questions, which led to him being dubbed the “GroTech Garden Guy.” With Brian, the sky’s the limit when it comes to inventing solutions to gardening problems, so don’t hesitate to reach out and share your struggles–He’s sure to have an answer–and if not, he’ll invent one. 

  Kelvin Morgan, Designer

Brian enlisted help from friend and designer, Kelvin Morgan to address the challenges faced by most gardening enthusiasts who lead busy lives—limited space, inconvenience, a brown thumb, and expense. Kelvin helped bring Brian’s GroBucket design to fruition and later added his designing expertise to some of the family of products that followed.

Kelvin, through the process of testing the self-watering wicking concept, found himself a container gardener enthusiast, growing over fifteen plants by his sunny apartment windows and balcony. “This thing really works,” says Kelvin. “It even made a gardener out of me–someone who works hard and travels and has zero time to tend after plants.” Kelvin enjoys harvesting herbs and vegetables from his GroBuckets for dinners shared with family and friends. 


  Carrie Runnals, Business Manager

With an ecclectic business background, Carrie Runnals joined the GroTech Team to help spread the word about products she’s excited about. Friend turned customer, to now GroTech’s Business Manager, Carrie’s a novice gardener who has become just a tad bit obsessed with the family of GroTech products–with GroBuckets and GroBuddies throughout her home and back porch and GroFerns to welcome you on her front porch. 

Carrie’s main passion is connecting GroTech Growers in a collaborative community sharing growing tips and showing off photos of “What’s in your GroBucket?” She hopes to join gardeners both in-person and virtually as well as bring together other influential Growers who may want to share their expertise on the GroTech blog, YouTube channel, and our upcoming podcast. “We want to open the conversation to encourage and educate people on the benefits of home and urban gardening,” says Carrie. 

Feel free to reach out to Carrie on our Contact page with questions or opportunities to collaborate. 



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Why Buckets?

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What is a GroBucket?

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