One of the biggest problems gardeners experience is under and over-watering. We’ve all done it. Life gets busy and before we realize, we look over and see a drooping deprived plant. “Oh, NO!!” What’s a good gardener to do? Overcompensate, of course! We rush to the rescue with our watering can, only to drown the poor withering plant. Then a week or so later, we see mushy stems, small pale leaves, and yellow or brown spotting. The culprit? Root Rot–we’ve now drowned our poor plant.

That’s why GroBucket is the perfect gardening solution. One can never under or over-water, if we follow instructions and drill a drain hole 3.5 inches from the bucket bottom and line up the GroBucket device accordingly. When relentless rains hit or we get a bit heavy-handed with the watering can, the GroBucket does it’s duty and releases excess water from the drain hole, keeping roots healthy and free from rot.